Northern Lights

A big thanks to everyone who participated in our competition! We had a load of really cool competition entries on a wide range of subjects including compost loos, ladybirds’ lunch, mating dances and the magic of mushrooms. Now we’re really looking forward to the workshop in a few weeks’ time.

A special mention goes to the many enthusiastic Ecology students and postdocs from Lancaster Uni, who went for our competition in a big way – quite a few of them will be joining us in London for the workshop on the 8th April. Is there something in particular about Lancashire that stimulates creativity or enthusiasm for Ecology?

In the meantime (and during the recent blog silence), we’ve been pretty busy. First of all, we’re very pleased to add two extra dates to our summer roadshow:

  • On the 4th May, we’ll be kicking off our epic summer tour in a ‘science-friendly environment’ at the Imperial Festival in London.
  • On the 14th September, we’ll be closing the season with a bang at the Butserfest – an alcohol and drug-free festival for young people in East Hampshire.

We’ve also been designing the stall and our kit. We hope the stall will look something like this:

And you’ll be able to spot the festival team from a mile off, because they should all be wearing t-shirts to match:

We’re going to set everything up for a test once it’s ready, so we hope to have photos soon!


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