Friday the 13th…

OK, so somehow the first official outing of 2016 for the Sex & Bugs & Rock ‘n Roll Roadies was on Friday 13th… whose idea was that?!

Not being superstitious by nature, I’m not sure I’d thought about the significance of the date we’d agreed to until not long before the event, when preparations started to go awry! Posters wouldn’t print; Roadies realised they’d double booked themselves; companies couldn’t get things to us in time… We were even having issues as we tried to refresh the old favourite and forever faithful “Whose poos?” game! Ominous, and somewhat stressful you might say!

The event itself was to be part of Lancaster University‘s Campus in the City program of community engagement. This annual 10 week program sees researchers from all departments and disciplines spending a day sharing their interests and passions with Lancaster’s residents and visitors from a rented shop in the city centre shopping arcade. As you can imagine, we thought this was right up our street, as well as being a great opportunity to dust off our skills before the new festival season! Unsurprisingly however, when it came to dates, most other sensible people had turned down this particular slot…


Taking our games to Campus in the City, Lancaster

Thankfully though, after dealing with some logistical transportation issues, once we were on site the event itself went really well! We introduced over 120 adults and young people to the world of ecology (not bad considering we were competing with draw of Morecambe beach on one of the sunniest days of the year!), and inducted a new Roadie to the team. We also had a great time working along the Campus in the City team, including challenging them to a “swab-off”! Have a look at the results and see whose clothes were home to the most microbes…

Thanks to the members of the public for being good sports with the swabbing too! It looks like Kay’s bag wins for the greatest variety of microscopic residents: don’t forget some of these organisms are actually very good things to have around!

So in the end our Friday the 13th was a resounding success!! The relief!!

But maybe we should avoid black cats and walking under ladders for the next month before Glastonbury just in case…

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